Cachucha Pepper


Ají Cachucha or Sweet Pepper  ( NET WT. 1/2 PINT )-Widely used in Latin cuisine.-Selected and H..

Pickled Cachucha Pepper


Pickled Cachucha Pepper(NET WT. 8 oz, 226.8g )If you are a lover of Latin cuisine, this is the produ..

Sofrito Criollo


Sofrito Criollo( NET WT 14oz )ingredients: Sweet pepper, vegetable oil, red onion, garlic, gre..

White Coconut


White Coconut (NET WT. 7 oz )One of the favorite sweets in Cuba are the white coquitos, which t..

Coconut Sandwich - Pack 2 Bigs


Coconut Sandwich(NET WT. 7 oz ) Feel the flavor and delight yourself with these cuban delicacies.The..

Milk Coconut


Milk Coconut(NET WT. 7 oz )Coco and Milk at the cuban style.Really tasty.Package Content:4 servings ..

Guava mini cake


Guava Mini Cake(NET WT. 11 oz )The most traditional of Cuban sweets, we offer it to you with an in..

Pan de San Francisco ( Cookie )


Pan de San Francisco ( Cookie )(NET WT. 6 oz )Exquisite Cuban sweets, made 100% with the traditional..

Guava and Cheese Panetela


Guava and Cheese Panetela(NET WT. 12 oz )A sweet that captivates you with its exquisite combination ..

Guava Pound Cake


Guava Pound Cake(NET WT. 10 1/2 oz )If you are one of those who prefer traditional Cuban desserts,..

Morón tortica (Cookie) - pack 12


Morón tortica (Cookie)(NET WT. 8 oz )Delicious traditional Cuban Torticas.Delicious Traditional Cuba..

Sweet Potato (Boniatillo)


Sweet Potato(NET WT. 7 oz )Try our exquisite Cuban sweet and imagine that you are at home. We have..

Cup Cake


Cup Cakes(NET WT. 10 oz )Cup Cake, one of the favorite desserts of Cuban pastry, faithfully made wit..



BUTTER CUPCAKES( NET WT. 8 oz, 226.79 g )Ingredients:Bleached wheat Flour ( Niacin, reduced iron, po..

Corn Cake


Corn Cake(NET WT. 10 oz )Delight your palate with a rich and different dessert, its recipe comes fro..



Coconut(NET WT. 7 oz )This is one of the most popular desserts among Cubans, due to its simplicity i..

Coconut Macaroon


Coconut Macaroon(NET WT. 7 oz )..

Guava Sandwich - 2 Bigs


Guava Sandwich(NET WT. 7 oz )  Feel the flavor and delight yourself with these culonas delicaci..

Honey Cookies ( Keke)


Honey Cookies ( Keke ). (NET WT. 7 oz )The real Cuban honey cookie. Delicious with meal, great ..

Vanilla Slice


Vanilla Slice(NET WT 24OZ.  680g )..

Bread Sticks


Bread Sticks( NET WT. 5 oz, 141 g )Ingredients: Flour (Bleached wheat flour,Niacin,Potassium br..

Marble Pound Cake


Marble Pound Cake(NET WT 24oz. 680g )..

Cuban Cracker


Cuban Cracker( NET WT. 9 oz )Ingredients:Flour (Bleached wheat flour) wheat gluten,niacin,..



Africana( NET WT. 4OZ )The package has 8 Africanites inside...



Raspadura( NET WT 4 OZ )Ingredients:Sugar, cane syrup & water..



Honey Raisin Mini - Cakes( NET WT. 11 oz. )..

PINTON Canvas (framed)


Decorative wall canvas, recommended for dining room, kitchen, restaurant, business and places where ..



Corn Bread( NET WT. 10 oz. )..

Pan De San Francisco


Pan De San Francisco - Cookie( NET WT 24. OZ )Description:..

Cotton Candy


Cotton Candy( NET WT 1oz. 28g )..